About FiMi Hub

FiMi Hub is the most convenient way for customers to get the food they love, items they want, tasks they need done, or “Go for a lime” anytime!

Locally owned and founded on the premise of connecting the island, FiMi Hub’s mission is to provide our partners and customers with on-demand lifestyle conveniences through our food, errand and transport services on our user- friendly app.

We help businesses to expand their service footprint, create economic opportunities and save time for their customers through same day delivery. We are quickly becoming a must-have option for people in the region who need on demand access to services that matter to them.


FiMi Hub provides convenient and affordable access for people who mostly would not be able to enjoy such services on a regular basis due to proximity from said services, such as rural communities. For example individuals who are living at a certain distance from a fast food restaurant (e.g. KFC or Burger King etc) or a popular supermarket or wholesale who may be discouraged by the distance can now enjoy the lucury of having them delivered to their homes no matter how far away.


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