Merchant Q&A

Merchants who partner with FiMi Hub will receive the following benefits among others:
  • Free marketing and advertising
  • Quickly increase your profit margin
  • Expand your radius to reach customers in Rural Areas
  • Capitalize on the increasing demands for delivery services.
  • Satisfy customers with the things they want, when and where they want it.
  • A service that comes at no cost to you

FiMi Hub is a new geo-location-based delivery service that comes with a fully operational, user-friendly mobile application for Android and iOS phones for our customers and drivers partners.
Our merchant partners will get a secured web-based backend admin panel that gives them full access to all transactions between FiMi Hub and their business along with complete control over every transaction from start to finish.
Merchants will get to see all their orders; past and present and all their payments. They also get to upload their menus or inventory and add or change their prices in real time.

No! Our partnership will come at absolutely no cost to you! There are no signup or setup or maintenance fees, no hidden fees and no financial commitment between FiMi Hub.

FiMi Hub offers a service of convenience to customers, in return for this service, FiMi Hub will apply a 15% markup on the price of each item. The markup will be included in the overall price displayed in our app or on our website.

We include the service gharge in the product displayet price because While customers do not have any problem paying a service fee for the convenience, our research shows that they are often discouraged when they see it as a separate line item in addition to other fees (tax etc).

Once you agree to partner with us, FiMi Hub will setup your online store that will display all your products, available quantity, prices (including our markup), in stock/out of stock, and your opening hours. All of this information will be displayed on our website and mobile app. You will also receive a merchant panel with admin access credentials. From there you can have full control over your online store, process orders and track all transactions conducted through FiMi Hub.

  • An up-to-date copy of your menu/items list with current prices (also frequently send to FiMi Hub new products and price changes)
  • A description of your entity including address, location & opening hours
  • Name and contact for the person that is authorized to communicate with FiMi Hub on behalf of your business.

The first 100 Merchants will be provided with a tablet that is preloaded with your online store admin panel. When an new order comes in, the tablet will light up or alarm, your attendant will then be able to see the order and accept or reject it.

No! The tablet will be the property of FiMi Hub and is for your use for as long as our partnership lasts.

Yes. Once we have established a partnership we will be taking our merchants through a series of ongoing training.

Merchants will setup a Charge Account for FiMi Hub to which all orders will be posted. Payouts from FiMi Hub to the Merchant will be conducted on a weekly basis via bank transfer (unless the merchant wishes for different payout period and/or payment method). Details and summaries of all transactions can be viewed from the Merchant Store Panel.

Merchants are not required to dedicate any special staff to handle FiMi Hub orders, however, it is expected that FiMi Hub orders are frequently monitored from the tablet and that priority is given to the processing of orders to comply with the processing time displayed to the customer. It would make things much easier and faster if supermarket has a dedicated check-out line for FiMi Hub or restaurants have a FiMi Hub ordre pick-up area.

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